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For Immediate Release: Wed May 24 2023

Very Useful Theatre Company, in cooperation with the Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays and under the direction of V.U.T.C. Young Company Director, Kira Rosenbloom, presents free youth workshops for acting, playwrighting and directing. Workshops are targeted for ages 5-24 and spaces are limited. Workshops start May 27 and participants will begin to create plays which will then be performed at the Sunday Matinee show in the festival, which runs Sept 7-10 this year at Old Town Hall in Newmaerket, Ont., Canada. And as well this year the workshops include an introduction to deaf culture and deaf theatre lead by deaf Actor J.P. Armani.

“ We also plan to add some musical elements to the plays created,” offers Ms. Rosenbloom, “ Not really musicals per say, but we want to have some more musical elements included.”

Festival Workshop Descriptions:

Introduction to Theatre: Artists will dive into the performing arts exploring the roles of Actors, Directors, Playwrights, and what goes into staging, costumes and music for a live theatre show. This workshop is perfect for new or seasoned Actors/Directors/Playwrights!


May 27th at 9am-10am on Zoom

June 3rd at 9am-10am on Zoom

June 17th at 9am-10am on Zoom

Monologue/Song Intensive Workshop: Artists will refine an already memorized monologue through the study of Michael Shurtleff’s 12 Guideposts from his book “Audition”. Artists must come to the workshops with a monologue already memorized.


May 27th at 10am-11am on Zoom

June 3rd at 10am-11am on Zoom

June 17th at 10am-11am on Zoom

Playwriting Intensive Workshop: Artists will create two 20 minute plays and one 20 minute musical that will be performed at this year’s festival. All artists participating in this workshop will be credited as playwrights in the 2023 Festival.


May 27th at 11am-12pm on Zoom

June 3rd at 11am-12pm on Zoom

June 17th at 11am-12pm on Zoom

Introduction to Deaf Culture and Deaf Theatre Workshop: Artists will participate in a one hour long workshop lead by Deaf Actor JP Armani. JP will be talking about Deaf Culture, Deaf arts and sharing his experiences acting in Toronto’s SOUND OFF Theatre Festival and at Mayfest. An interpreter will be provided for artists to ask questions and lunch will be provided. 


One day in July 2023 (exact date TBD), in person

Workshop and Audition Sign up link (google form):

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