2022 Playbill

Thurs Sept 8


  The Booth

By Val Stulman

A television sound mixer and his female assistant are shut up inside the claustrophobic sound ‘booth’ on a Hollywood SitCom. They work with each other week after week, tolerating, dealing, coping. They hate each other, want to kill each other until they DON’T. He can’t find a girlfriend and her divorce is final. Finally, they find each other. It’s the comedy behind the comedy.

Phil (30s-40s) – Sound mixer.
Jo (20s-30s) – Phil’s girl assistant.
Mike, the 1st A.D. (any age)- Voice off stage.
Actress (sexy) – Voice off stage.



   The Sun, the Moon, and Salena

By Paul Pasulka
The story of the love of the Sun, the Moon, and their daughter, Salena: the treacherous, predatory Ocean; and the budding love of drama students Jennifer and John as they create Salena’s story. (Note: The story of Salena is original).
John – twenty. College junior. Drama student. Confident – a drama jock.
Jennifer – eighteen. College freshman. Drama student. Shy.



UG and the Boar

By Jim Geoghan
Jim Geoghan couldn’t find the very first play ever written so he wrote one instead. It’s a World Premiere of course
Ug A cave man, leader of the tribe
Arg Ug’s best friend
Bandala Ug’s woman
Tatata A very sexy cave woman
Flarg A stupid cave man
Actors should be of the same age range 


Fri Sept 9


From The Membrane Of The Nucleus

By Peter A. Balaskas
A singer helps a poet regain his faith in his art, resulting in an experience that potentially changes their lives forever.
Scribe Male, mid 50s, poet, eloquent, a powerful presence
Songbird Female, late 20s/early 30s, singer, harmonious, a graceful presence
Woman (audio only): Any age
Man (audio only): Any age



By Dana Hall and David Lipschutz
After his Bubbie’s death, Saul returns home to his family after a long absence to sit Shiva. Alice, Saul’s girlfriend, joins him. Saul tries to portray the perfect version of what he thinks his family wants. However, a message from the beyond leads both Saul and Alice to some meaningful realizations.
Alice Hobbs
Female, 30s, not Jewish
Saul Goldberg Male, 30s, Jewish



By Donna Sorbello
An elderly woman caught in the past, an elderly man who offers humor and grace, a son, wanting change. A rural setting peopled with three characters who appear to be at odds over a common enough issue: to sell or not sell the family farm. Through reminiscence, sharing, confession, and connection, we come to realize that what each of these three people is waiting for is not about money or giving up the farm.
Mary Could be late seventies through mid 80s spry. Hiram’s wife
Hiram Could be mid to late 80s or late seventies. Mary’s husband. Seemingly strong,
John Son of Mary and Hiram a local businessman. 40s


Sat Sept 10

Death Does Larry

By Cary Pepper
Larry is sitting on a park bench wondering if he wants to live or die, when Death sits down next to him and informs Larry that he was supposed to kill him yesterday, but forgot. “Sorry. My bad.” But Death has come up with a way to make it up to Larry: It’ll be quick, painless, and before he goes, Larry can pick one other person to die.
Larry 40s and up
Death Age Unimportant


The Back Porch Gang

By Ben Scranton
One summer morning, four residents of the Bluebonnet Village Retirement Community wave at cars for the fun of it. Lifelong friends juggle good natured insults. Verbal barbs fly as the excitement leads to a revealing ‘literary’ conclusion
Bess Bennett practical, kind, and considerate
Wilma Jessup short-tempered, sarcastic, sees life from a negative slant
Myrtle Tuttle naïve, innocent, appears slow on the uptake but not stupid
Lester Higgins a talker, upbeat, always on, practical joker, essentially good-hearted



By Len Cuthbert
A rare find in the woods creates havoc and an ambiguous relationship between two estranged cousins.
Morgan Female teen adventurous. Hiking Enthusiast.
Lennox male teen academically smarter.
Agent Miles Smith An FBI agent any age


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