Notice: The 2020 Festival has been postponed due to Covid-19 and re-scheduled for May 13,14, 15 2021

Playbill Cast
We need:

Females ages 3- 60ish 3-45ish 2-25-30ish  

Males 10 ages 3-60ish 3-50ish 4-25-40ish 

Total cast 18

Theatre for Young Audiences
Gilda - We need:

Females 10 ages- 10-18ish

Males 10 ages- 10-18ish

Cast 15- 20 

This Year's Playwrights


This Year's Plays

Jim Geoghan

Room for Cream

The further adventures of Carl and Ida in the Subway Sandwich shop on Hollywood Boulevard where they meet once a week. Carl shows up late,

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Renee Baillargeon

The book club thief

It is book club night and everyone is supposed to read “The Book Thief”. However, only three of the married wives can make it. It

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Cary Pepper

Mark My Worms

Mason has been cast in a newly-discovered, never-before-seen play by the world-class absurdist LaSalle Montclare. But the play must be performed exactly as written. And

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Adam Szudrich

Rosa and Leo

Five decades after secretly falling in love in a Nazi concentration camp, Rosa and Leo rediscover each other on opposite sides of the world. Characters

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Rod Urquhart


Nature-lover, young and beautiful, but poor, Gilda, who is watched over by Forest Elves, is given the chance to live like a Princess, which she accepts. Taken in by the King and Queen, it’s the King’s evil brother’s son, Denny, who has eyes for Gilda and kidnaps her. Thanks to the Forest Elves and visiting Prince, Poul, will Gilda be rescued in time and returned to her life in the palace?

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Rich Orloff

Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory by Rich Orloff Explores the question: What is the appropriate waiting period before a guy can hit on his dead friend’s spouse?  And

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