How to post by email to the site.

Quick instructions sent to the Board.

Note:  Using the “cc” field instead of “to” doesn’t work. Your email MUST be sent to the email address. in order to be automatically posted to the site.

1. remove your signature from the email – if it’s preceded by ” –” (that is, dash dash space) it’ll be stripped automatically, but better to be sure.

2. put the following on the first line of the email

3. Image attachments will be placed in the post, but haphazardly, and the post will be poorly formatted, which is why the status should be set to “pending”. This will allow Darlene or I, or a volunteer, to go into the site and make it pretty. I’ll get a notification whenever someone uses this functionality.

4. Send your email to “

5. If it’s sent from your account email, it should attribute the post to you.

6. The subject line of the email will become the Title of the post.

This email message will create a post, which I’ll edit and make available to logged-in users with the appropriate level of access, so you can always refer to the page if you forget how to do this.



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