Announcing the 2022 NIFOAP Awards!

This year, there were so many great plays, actors and directors to choose from its been a difficult decision to make. So without further ado, here are the 2022 winners and nominees!

Best performance by a female actor in the festival

Nominees are:

  • Michelle Prestie for Mary in “Waiting”
  • Christine Sawka for Song Bird in “From the Membrane of the Nucleus”
  • Jo-Anne Pulfer for Jo In “The Booth”

The award goes to:

Jo-Anne Pulfer for Jo in “The Booth”

Best performance by a male actor in the festival

Nominees are:

  • Harris Bailey as the Scribe in "From the membrane of the Nucleus"
  • Desmond Baxter as Hiram in "Waiting"
  • John Sellen as Phil in "The Booth"

The award goes to:

Harris Bailey for the Scribe in “From the membrane of the Nucleus”

Ross award for the best director of a play in the festival

Nominees are:

  • Mary Rose Talani for "From the Membrane of the Nucleus"
  • Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin for "Waiting"
  • Dale Sheldrake for "Ug and the Boar"
  • Joan Burrows for "The Booth"

The Ross award goes to:

Amanda Dempey-Laughlin for “Waiting”

Most outstanding play in the festival

Nominees are:

  • Playwright Donna Sorbello for the play "Waiting"
  • Playwright Jim Geoghan for the play "Ug and the Boar"
  • Playwright Peter Balaskas for the play "From the membrane of the Nucleus"

Most outstanding play goes to:

Donna Sorbello for the play “Waiting”.

Sunday Matinee VUTC Young Company Announcement

Kira Rosenbloom

Artistic Director and Playwright for “Emotional“, Kira directed and created the Virtual workshop for young actors and playwrights.

Sara De Cesare

Playbill design and costumes

VUTC Young Company Presented three original plays

  • “Deadly Scoop”
  • “What if COVID happened in the 80’s”
  • “Emotional”

Best play goes to:

“What if COVID happened in the 80’s”

Special citation to Chiara Bouhs who directed “What if COVID happened in the 80’s”

VUTC Young Company Best female actors


  • Stephanie Marin “Deadly Scoop" and "What if COVID happened in the 80’s"
  • Penny Kelson in all three plays
  • Kateryna Lashchyk - "Deadly Scoop" and "Emotional"

Best actor goes to:

Penny Kelson for all three plays.

And the male actor:

Ten year old William Couper as Sadness in “Emotional”

John Dowson

Born and raised in Willowdale Ontario, which at the time was a small town. I completed a 5 year apprenticeship as a Steam fitter and then I enjoyed seven great years as a professional musician
and entertainer in Canada and throughout the United States. Recording artist and as a studio musician bass player before entering the Life insurance business.

Since 1989 I have specialised in Special Needs planning for families who have a child with a disability. This involves the Four Essentials of Special Needs Planning for their child’s future. Advocating on behalf of people with disabilities to the federal and provincial governments and helping families who have a child with a disability recover taxes they never should have paid.

When one government closes a door I create a new door.

I see injustice and I try and correct it, I see a wrong and I try to right it I see a need and I try and fill it.

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