Ace Galaksi Space Dick At Large

Ace Galaksi Photo
Photo by Greg King

Were you There?

Ace Galaksi has been tasked with the tiny inconsequential job of locating the stolen backup copy of the GIANT BOOK of DESTINY before destiny itself is re-written. The good news is he’s traveling in an advanced space ship called the Pheonix. Originally manufactured on Traa Laa, a planet that burst into existance after a comet crashed into one of God’s recycling piles. Pheonix has the ability to recycle or shape shift into anything else. The bad news is, there are a lot of hiding places throughout destiny. Directed by Maissa Bessada and Lilita Tannis

Ace was first produced at the Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays on October 5 2017 with the following cast:

Ace Galaski– Paul Stafford,

The Pheonix Crew – Mario Alcock, Liisa Kallasmaa-Davis, Jean-Claude Paquet, Nishant Varmani, Stephanie Snider, Tahlia Zaloski, Dave Kouhi, Scott Monteith, Madeleine Oatton and Rod Urquhart

If you’d like see “Ace” in action watch him

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