2023 Festival Attendance Best Ever

The 2023 Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays

Admittedly there were some bumps in the road in 2023 – such as last minute replacements for a few actors and a director and some minor issues with parking and construction, but The 2023 N.I.F.O.A.P., while challenging, was still a resounding  success by most measures as attendance-wise it has to be considered one of the best ever. Everyone did great jobs despite its challenges – whether Actors, Directors, Writers, Techs, Staff or Event Volunteers – all working together to make it a success despite those obstacles

We shall indeed learn form the experience and in fact have already addressed and added changes to the procedures to ensure we don’t get caught flat-footed again next year – including starting acceptance of plays December 1st  and creating an earlier entries cut-off date than previously (tba). As well, we hope to assign the plays to Directors earlier as well, who in turn will be able audition their actors earlier as well and have more rehearsal time. This will all go a long way in allowing for optimimal preparation which in turn should translate into a better performance and prodction.

In 2023 we also welcomed in some new Writers, Directors and Actors into the fold, adding some more diversity to the mix, which again will only make us a better festival in the end and into the future. We look forward to the challenges of 2024!

Here are the 2023 Award Winners and Nominees!

Nominees for Best Actor:

Mary Rose Talani : I Miss You Already

Robert Mcneely : Provenance

Alexsandra Maslennikova : get it off yer chest

The Awards Go To:

Robert Mcneely – Best Performance by an Actor in a Male Role

Aleksandra Maslennikova – Best Performance by an Actor in a Female Role

Nominees for Best Director:

Jackie English : Stray Cats

Marlene Charney : Shapes & Stanzas

Kay Valentine: One Night Stan

Winner is:

Jackie English

Nominees Best Play Production

Stray Cats : Written by Derek Groulx, Directed by Jackie English

One Night Stan : Written by Adam Szudrich, Directed by Kay Valentine

Provenance : Written by Patrick Williams, Directed by Bruce Williamson

The Award Goes To:

Stray Cats

Congratulations to all the 2023 Participants, Nominees and Award Winners

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