Web Content Strategy: The Very Useful Theatre Company


 To promote awareness of Very Useful Theatre Company and its activities and events.

 To collect scripts, recruit directors, cast members and volunteers for all roles necessary for successful theatre productions.

 To create a community of like-minded individuals, artists and volunteers.

 To maintain a dialog with Very Useful Theatre Company’s audience/community and keep the conversation alive in order to grow and promote the organization.

 To gain sponsorship from local individuals and organizations.

 To facilitate efficient workflows for management of VUTC activities.

 To improve transparency and provide reporting tools, including archives of past activities and historical data.

 To function as a communications and marketing hub.

Are my assumptions correct?


What are the strategic goals you are working towards?

How can the website support the specific steps toward those goals?

In what ways do you hope the new website will support your work?

Target Audience

Primarily Southern Ontario residents within driving distance of Newmarket (GTA to Barrie?) who enjoy live theatre and have a desire to help their community. 

Ideally, content should be created to appeal to each specific profile in the target audience, with data-driven research guiding efforts to communicate and engage.

As a member of the Greater Toronto Area, Newmarket is part of Canada’s largest, most multicultural urban area. With close to 90,000 residents, Newmarket’s population is skilled, educated, and experienced. Over a quarter of the population have a university degree, and over half have a post-secondary degree from a college or a university.

Eight in ten Newmarket homes are owned, nearly six in ten Newmarket residents are married, and more than half of Newmarket homes have children. The population growth rate has surpassed the rates of Ontario and Canada, and is projected to continue to grow through 2026.

Audience Members


Reaching out to children is primarily a matter of reaching out to parents, by promoting events that children might enjoy, and producing content to encourage parents to share with children. Family-oriented events are the key to this demographic, though potentially also content developed specifically to appeal to children, such as child-oriented audio-visual material or downloads.


This should be a particularly productive demographic if their interest can be captured. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and their willingness to leave their comfort zones to take on new roles and responsibilities is an example for us all to emulate.


Needs research. What’s the mix in Newmarket and the surrounding area? I think I have a pretty clear idea, but need data not assumptions.


What organizations exist that target specific neighborhoods in Newmarket and the surrounding area? Can they be enlisted to promote The Very Useful Theatre Company? Are they possible beneficiaries of fundraising efforts?


This is a particularly promising demographic. Newcomers are eager to integrate with their new locale and on the hunt for things to do in the area. How can they best be reached?


Similar to children, but parents also need grown-up time away from the kids.


Another promising demographic. Seniors have more leisure, take more interest in local affairs, and are more likely to have an interest in Service Clubs and local charitable events.


We need specifics on exactly what needs to be communicated to each of these.




Support Staff/Volunteers

Local Personalities

Some of these are already supporters and should be reached out to again. Who?


Business Leaders

Other High-Profile Individuals

Local Charitable Organizations

Who has VUTC helped in the past? Who should be reached out to in the future?

Service Clubs

Targeted Charitable Organizations Serving Particular Demographics



Some neighborhoods in Newmarket have their own local organizations to promote the interests of those who live there.