Live Theatre Needs You!

We’re looking to attract a roster of talent to our site. Participants will not only have an opportunity to participate in a growing and vibrant community of performers via our online forums, but will also be first in line for auditions for live performances. 

The rules are simple:

There will be a slight delay before entries are posted to our Facebook page, because we have to preview every video to ensure they’re not in violation of Facebook’s policies, but legitimate entries should show up quickly.

Only the names of participants and their videos will be publicized, except where unavoidable due to the user’s settings on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever the videos are hosted.

Winners will be announced on 2020/07/22

There are no official judges. The top 3 winners will be chosen based on the number of likes their videos receive on our Facebook page.
Winners will be featured on our Website and Facebook page in a “sticky” post. They will also receive a certificate of congratulations to commemorate their win. With permission, winners will also be featured in Press Releases to local media.